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smw/schema:Group:Predefined properties -

smw/schema:Group:Predefined properties

This schema type supports the definition of property groups to help structure the browsing interface.
The request is being processed and may take a moment. Forbereder ...
{ "type": "PROPERTY_GROUP_SCHEMA", "groups": { "administrative_group": { "canonical_name": "Adminstrative properties", "message_key": "smw-property-group-label-administrative-properties", "property_keys": [ "_MDAT", "_CDAT", "_NEWP", "_LEDT", "_DTITLE", "_CHGPRO", "_EDIP", "_ERRC" ] }, "classification_group": { "canonical_name": "Classification properties", "message_key": "smw-property-group-label-classification-properties", "property_keys": [ "_INST", "_PPGR", "_SUBP", "_SUBC" ] }, "content_group": { "canonical_name": "Content properties", "message_key": "smw-property-group-label-content-properties", "property_keys": [ "_SOBJ", "_ASK", "_MEDIA", "_MIME", "_ATTCH_LINK", "_FILE_ATTCH", "_CONT_TYPE", "_CONT_AUTHOR", "_CONT_LEN", "_CONT_LANG", "_CONT_TITLE", "_CONT_DATE", "_CONT_KEYW", "_TRANS", "_TRANS_SOURCE", "_TRANS_GROUP" ] }, "declarative_group": { "canonical_name": "Declarative properties", "message_key": "smw-property-group-label-declarative-properties", "property_keys": [ "_TYPE", "_UNIT", "_IMPO", "_CONV", "_SERV", "_PVAL", "_LIST", "_PREC", "_PDESC", "_PPLB", "_PVAP", "_PVALI", "_PVUC", "_PEID", "_PEFU" ] } }, "tags": [ "group", "property group" ] } bruger cookies for at forbedre brugeroplevelsen. Tryk OK for at fjerne denne besked.